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With the eataboutown app, you gain access to a list of new restaurants with cuisines you may prefer and their updated information, such as the menu, timings, and location in one place. So whether you feel like trying something new, or have a get-together to plan, just browse eataboutown!

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Find Restaurants

Find old and new restaurants near you.


Perk Points

Earn perk points every time you visit a participating restaurant.


Rewards Bank

Users can unlock their rewards bank every time they try ten new restaurants!


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Find up and coming establishments via the Try This marker.

Why Choose eataboutown

eataboutown is a handy app that you can use to answer the modern dilemma of where you should eat out. If you are bored of having the same food from your nearest establishment every day, why not explore new places and go through their specials.

Or perhaps a new restaurant has opened up with an ambiance that would be perfect for hosting your next social event, and the food is just what you are looking for. With eataboutown you will always be in the know about new dining options near you. The best thing about the eataboutown app is that you can always review the menu and promotions before choosing a place to visit.

eataboutown is a platform that empowers both users and the restaurants that are listed on the app. By helping these restaurants boost their services on the app, these businesses can benefit from increased walk-ins and revenue. Unlike big chains that rely on a massive marketing budget, small and medium-sized establishments have a better chance to compete as well.

Discover New Dining Experiences

eataboutown is designed to be simple and interactive in its functionality. But the app goes beyond what is currently available in the market to gain that competitive edge.

  • Marketing for Restaurants

    Restaurants can advertise on a limited budget and boast their offerings on the app to a wider audience.

  • Updated Information

    The app show users when doors open the day’s specials and any promotions being offered by an eatery.

  • Location Viewing

    Users can find restaurants on an in-app map that directs them to the shortest route to the avenue.


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